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Irreplaceable in everyday life

Doris, 49, Ramsau at Dachstein
Owner of a family-run organic hotel in Austria

I love my "Formula 1 shoes"!

My busy working day starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening. I'm on my feet most of the time, so good shoes are a very important feel-good factor for me. Since I got to know CHUNG SHI shoes through a dear friend, there are no others for me. I am not only convinced, but really enthusiastic!

Especially the Duxfree models of the Active Line are so light that you almost don't feel them. They are breathable, have a super comfortable sole and look great to boot. I love all my "Formula 1" shoes! That's what I always call them affectionately because I move so fast and light-footed through our hotel.

I now have a lot of models - also for leisure - and every single one of them is perfect for me! And the next day I start again without my feet hurting from the day before.

Unexpected rescue

Lucian, 57, Vohburg a. d. Donau

Owner of an advertising agency and painter

In my artistic work, I stand at the easel for hours. Sitting is not possible. And then last year, out of the blue, I had massive foot pain. We were visiting my daughter at the Baltic Sea and had a dinner date for the first evening. The way there - about one kilometre - was hardly manageable for me on foot. And the days after that I could completely forget, holiday activities of any kind were not possible and painting was not even a thought.

Back home, I got the tip from a colleague to get DUX clogs immediately. He thought it was a heel spur. Today I know that he was right. And the effect was absolutely amazing.

With these clogs, walking and standing was immediately possible again. And the best thing: after five weeks, my feet were practically pain-free. I was perhaps lucky that the inflammation was still in a very early stage and could heal well with the relief provided by the DUX footbed.

Of course, I stayed with these shoes afterwards. In the meantime, I wear them not only in the studio, but also to work and often in my free time.

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Finally no more pain

Sarah, 25, Österreich

Restaurant manager in a wellness hotel

Due to the size of our hotel, I have to walk very far and I am actually always on my feet the whole day. This often made my working day very difficult because my feet hurt a lot after a few hours.

My parents made me aware of CHUNG SHI shoes and luckily there are also models that meet the colour requirements of our company - the shoe has to be completely black and closed. The Duxfree Trainer model is the perfect shoe for me. The sole is pleasantly soft and I feel like I'm floating when I walk. The shoes are very comfortable and, above all, very airy.

I can wear them all day without feeling them. My back pain has also disappeared. The shoes are truly a blessing for anyone who has to stand on their feet all day!

Observations from medical practice

Dr. med. Renate Grötsch, Holzkirchen

Joint practice for general medicine and naturopathy

I always try to find an optimal treatment strategy for the individual patient and his or her individual complaints from various therapy directions and therapy options. This multimodality therapy concept has proven to be very successful, especially for chronic diseases.

Many of my patients come to my practice with various orthopaedic problems. We sit for far too long, move too little, often carry too much face around with us and women in particular often torture themselves into fashionable but not very foot-healthy footwear. The consequences: chronic back and foot pain, muscle and posture weakness, and with it joint wear and tear, damaged intervertebral discs and foot deformities such as hammer toe, metatarsalgia and heel spurs.

For me, the CHUNG SHI shoe range is an important component of my multimodal treatment concept for all these complaints. The soft footbed with optimal pressure distribution often leads to rapid pain relief. Especially in the case of heel spurs and hammer toes, I recommend the DUX Clog as a useful addition and additional option to my multimodal treatment programme.

The DUX Clogs have also proven their worth as work shoes in my practice for many years. The feet of our entire practice team are well looked after in them in summer and winter. They contribute to the health of the staff and thanks to the soft material, my staff are always walking around the practice on quiet soles. The strict hygiene regulations of a medical practice are also optimally fulfilled by the possibility of wipe disinfection.

Another argument for choosing this work shoe were the two test ratings of "very good" for the DUX red from 2008 and for the DUX navy from 2018.

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