The materials
Comfort is included in details

CHUNG SHI shoes are made of a wide variety of materials, depending on the model, so as to be able to fulfill the most diverse functions for every purpose.

CHUNG SHI shoes take into account wearing comfort and function in equal measure. Fit, cushioning, flexibility, stability and breathability are the decisive factors here.

Of course, the construction of the shoe structure plays an important role, but so does the choice of materials used. And the latter is done without compromising on the quality and the absence of harmful substances, which is realized in all CHUNG SHI shoes.

The primary key:

Form follows function

All CHUNG SHI products stand for real function, depending on their areas of use. Therefore, the shoe construction is also subject to the highest requirements.

Sustainability defines production processes

All CHUNG SHI products are 100% climate neutral.

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Material oriented to

the application

The variety of face materials used allows the CHUNG SHI program a comprehensive and very wide range of applications.


Duflex Inside

The central heart – responsible for the incredible feeling of well-being in our shoes - is the unique Duflex material, which scores with its product characteristics of softness, lightness and resilience.

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In addition, this material is vegan, latex-free and absolutely free of harmful substances.

The special thing about it: the softness and elasticity is achieved without the use of hazardous plasticizers. A special, gentle process, makes this possible in an absolutely environmentally friendly way.

The Duflex raw material

In its original state, DUFLEX is a plastic granulate that is given its flexible and thermo-elastic properties in a precisely controlled production process - the basis for its wide range of customization options. 

These features are incorporated into all Duflex and Duxfree products. 

In the DUX products, this matrial is included in both the sole and the upper material, thus enabling all-round comfort with the uniquely comfortable walking sensation in addition to the functional aspect.

In Duxfree products, the flexible DUFLEX material is inserted in the outsole. This also allows a particularly comfortable movement without restricting the mobility of the foot.

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They are often the subject of controversy.
And we say: "Quite clearly YES".

If plastics and the products made from them can be produced in a way that conserves resources and recycled at the end of their life in the raw materials cycle, then the unique advantages of plastics can be used with a clear conscience. 

Super light, super soft and yet durable, elastic, thermoactive and resettable, washable, wipe-disinfectable and much more. And that in combination with absolute pollutant-free and bio-compatibility.
It is certainly not trivial to achieve all this with plastics. However, with Duflex, it has been achieved. In addition, the use of up to 30% renewable raw materials in the DUX Bio adds another aspect of resource conservation.

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Textile upper compositions

In the Duxfree models, the choice of textile uppers is diverse. Depending on the material composition, the lateral stability of the shoe varies without restricting the mobility and flexibility in the sole area.


ME & Friends AG Schuh_Microfaser_Trainer.jpg

The Duxfree Trainer is equipped with an innovative fine-pored microfiber material and fits the anatomy of the foot like a second skin due to its stretchability and breathability.



ME & Friends AG Schuh_Textil_Berlin.jpg

The textile upper material processed in the Duxfree Berlin is almost seamless and ensures a comfortable foot climate with its multi-layer construction.



ME & Friends AG Schuh_Textil-Leder_Savannah.jpg

An upper mix of textile and suede as we find in the Duxfree Nassau and Savannah models offers a compact, breathable and secure feel. Therefore, these models are also suitable for carefree mobility in childhood.



ME & Friends AG Schuh_Wolle_Duflerino.jpg

This combination combines the natural properties of wool with the stabilizing nature of synthetics. The wool integrated in the mixture has natural air chambers and is thus temperature regulating, sweat repellent, antibacterial and quickly wicks away moisture. Due to the synthetic content in the upper material, the shoe retains its Fomstabilität, is durable and looks longer gepfelgt. In the Duxfree Duflerino models, this wool-synthetic mix is used.


Exclusive leather trim

There are diverse types and varieties of leather. The natural product is a fascinating material and has accompanied, protected and warmed man from the beginning. In addition, it is breathable and can be used in many areas.
In our products we pay particular attention to the origin and quality of the leather. It should be emphasized here that most of all leather goods processed worldwide come from the food industry as "waste products".


ME & Friends AG Schuh_FlyLeather_Bendigo.jpg

Fly leather is a new type of natural leather made from used leather in an environmentally friendly recycling process. It is lighter, softer and more abrasion resistant than classic full-grain leather. In addition, compared to natural leather, Fly-Leather is climate-friendly, as the energy required for its production is generated from hydropower. The Duxfree models Bendigo, Brisbane and Canberra are made of this innovative natural leather and are characterized by their lightness, softness and durability.


Patent leather

ME & Friends AG Schuh_Lackleder_Sensomo.jpg

Patent leather is also called mirror leather. Its surface is shiny and reflects light. The manufacturing method consists of adding a layer of top coat to the leather, which increases the luminosity of the leather as well as improves water resistance. The texture and feel of patent leather are unique and make a shoe very visually striking. The Sensomo I men_s model in black is a patent leather shoe.


Full grain leather

ME & Friends AG Schuh_Narbenleder_Sensomo.jpg

Full grain leather is a genuine leather created from the fully preserved grain sides. Thickness and surface texture of the leather are not changed in the manufacturing process and remained intact. Shoes made from full grain leather are of very high quality, breathable and develop an attractive patina when properly cared for. Full grain leather is processed in the men_s model Sensomo I in the color light brown/light blue as well as in the loafer models III and IV.


Suede leather

ME & Friends AG Schuh_Rauhleder_Sensomo.jpg

Suede is a type of leather that is sanded on the grain side, giving it a rough surface texture. Through the grinding leather grease adheres particularly well and thus becomes water-repellent and resistant. The feel is pleasantly warm, with an appealing look and breathable skills. The Sensomo models I in the color light brown/beige, dark brown/light blue, the Sensomo models II as well as the half boot model V have the suede leather in the upper material.


Shoe interior


ME & Friends AG Schuh_SampanTex.jpg

Sampan-Tex is a microporous membrane that is windproof, water repellent as well as water vapor permeable and thus breathable. The Sampan-Tex is found in the lining of the Duxfree outdoor models Vancouver and Toronto.


ME & Friends AG Schuh_MemoryEinlage.jpg

Memory insoles adapt to the shape of the foot, creating an individual footbed that is supportive, stabilizing and, depending on the cushioning, relieves pressure. In addition, the memory insole provides a better climate in the shoe. DUX Future and Duflerino are equipped with memory insoles. The insole in the Duxfree Beach Plus model also has reflex zone stimulation.


You will always find further information on the respective material composition within the scope of the legally stipulated labeling plficht in the product.

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