and wonderfully comfortable


CHUNG SHI products are characterized by their combination of reliable quality and real function, which can be used multimodally, whether preventive, ambulatory or regenerative.



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... soft and wonderfully comfortable:

The high-quality original Duflex material is extremely elastic and provides excellent shock absorption. 

In addition, it is thermoactive. Body temperature and weight create an individually adapted footbed in a very short time when worn. Loads are distributed evenly over the entire sole and pressure peaks are reduced.

.... particularly lightweight:

Weighing less than 130 g (DUX Clog in size S), these shoes are amazingly light. You can hardly feel them.

Nevertheless, they are real powerhouses for any environment. They are breathable, age-resistant, able to withstand even greater body weight, waterproof and UV-resistant.

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... functional and healthy: 

The physiologically active footbed invigorates the foot muscles, promotes the development of a functional and resilient arch and improves posture and general mobility by straightening and stabilizing the trunk (tested and recommended by AGR, Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V.). The head is also stabilized by sensitizing balance and reflexes with functional support of the neck ligament.

The regenerative effect alleviates states of exhaustion and loss of performance. 

Last but not least, preventive and therapeutic effects come into play, including heel spurs and hallux valgus.

... from materials free of harmful substances:

Duflex products are feel-good shoes in every respect. 

All Duflex are vegan, latex-free and absolutely free of harmful substances. This makes them always the first choice, especially for children. And for adults, they are predestined as leisure and work shoes in many areas.

And last but not least, the products and the company ME & Friends were awarded the seal of climate neutrality.

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