Duxfree Bendigo Women

Appealing and functional all-rounder

The high-quality women's sneaker Bendigo impresses with its soft footbed, good fit and particularly pleasant wearing comfort. A number of health-promoting aspects of the Duxfree collection have been incorporated into the development of this model. In addition to the soft footbed, the shoe stabilises the foot positioning without restricting mobility and thus provides relief for the joints. The raised plateau outsole is not only a fashion gimmick but also increases foot positioning, giving the wearer a stretched body feeling. In addition to the functional sole construction, the shoe's structured, soft and replaceable insole offers a pleasant massage of the foot muscles with a regenerative effect. The innovative Fly-Leather is a new type of natural leather that is made from used leather in a recycling process. This leather is lighter, softer and more abrasion-resistant than classic full-grain leather and is also produced in an innovative environmentally friendly process. The classic sneaker shape with white outsole provides a sporty look and offers versatile wearing options for any occasion. The generous arch shape combined with the soft natural leather makes it easy to put on and is particularly suitable for feet with a high instep. Lightweight, durable and sustainable, with optimal wearing comfort while promoting foot health, the shoe is a visually appealing and functional all-rounder.

  • Lightweight
  • Insole-ready
  • Recycled leather
  • Water repellent
  • Fairly produced
  • Size note: Runs regular
  • Sizes: 36.0 - 42.0
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