Duxfree Trainer

For a liberating walking feeling

The sophisticated Duxfree shoe concept with the innovative Duflex material in the sole area offers a mix of maximum performance and comfort depending on the requirement profile of the area of use and the foot anatomy. The use of stable material at the stress points of the sole provides durable traction. The parcelled sole adapts to the movements of the foot and promotes natural rolling. The harmoniously coordinated interplay of upper material and outsole offers optimal application possibilities depending on the requirement profile with a high level of wearing comfort and simultaneous muscle-stimulating instability, and allow unrestricted movement of the foot. The Duxfree Trainer's stretchy, breathable upper provides a light-footed feel while the flexible outsole supports the rolling movement. The replaceable insole allows for individual foot care by the orthopaedist. The combination of a lightweight and breathable upper with a proprioreceptive sole construction that provides flexibility and traction in all directions makes the shoe a companion for active mobility.

  • Lightweight
  • Insertable
  • Washable
  • Vegan
  • Fairly produced
  • Size note: Runs one size smaller
  • Sizes: XXS (34/35) - 4XL (48)
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