Dux Premium

Arch support, plenty of room and adjustable straps

The compact Dux Premium Clog promotes foot mobility and stimulates the foot muscles. The softness of the pollutant-free Duflex material provides improved pressure distribution and pressure relief at the neuralgic points. The sufficient space width for the toes reduces punctual pressure loads on the inner and outer edges of the foot. The raised area in the midfoot activates the foot muscles and supports the natural straightening of the transverse arch. Thanks to the adjustable heel strap, the stability in the shoe can be regulated individually. The heel pad provides additional cushioning for every step. The Dux Permium is suitable for foot deformities such as flat and splay feet due to its support in the transverse arch. The gentle yet activating support in the metatarsal area stimulates the foot muscles and promotes mobility.

  • Vegan
  • Latex-free
  • Pollutant-free
  • Adjustable heel strap
  • Wipe-disinfectable
  • Splash and impact protection
  • Slip-resistant
  • Size note: Runs regular
  • Sizes: XXS(34/35) - 4XL (48)
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