Dux Winter

Perfect for cold feet

The Dux Winter offers a super soft and cosy footbed and ensures warm feet. The thermoelastic footbed in combination with the sewn-in synthetic lining provide stability and relief as well as a warming feeling of well-being. Through body heat and weight, the unique Duflex material adapts to every foot shape and thus offers an individual footbed. The even plantar load distribution reduces pressure peaks and creates a walking feeling like walking on clouds. The cosy inner lining offers additional comfort and warms cold feet. Users describe the Dux Winter as their favourite shoe for cold feet. Especially for metabolic disorders and during pregnancy, the warming and cosy properties of the shoe are highly appreciated. The softness and lightness of the Duflex material, combined with the cosy lining, provide a fleecy and indescribably comfortable feeling of well-being. The clog, which is very popular as a slipper, is back-friendly, latex-free, absolutely free of harmful substances and also completely vegan. The 100% satisfaction of Dux wearers speaks for itself.

  • Vegan
  • Latex-free
  • Pollutant-free
  • Lined
  • Fairly produced
  • Size note: Runs one size smaller
  • Sizes: XS(36/37) - XXXL (46/47)
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