Duxfree run2balance Flow Women

Onward with ease

The run2balance FLOW running shoe offers comfort as well as comprehensive shock absorption. The compact feel combined with improved stability provides a balanced stride, resulting in smoother transitions in the movement process. At the same time, Duxfree's signature springy cushioning grooves in the sole area support forward movement and give the runner a floating walking rhythm. Changes in direction are smooth and require little force. The flexible textile upper material hugs the foot and provides a soft and breathable feel. In addition, individual foot care with interchangeable insoles by the orthopedist is possible. The special feature of the run2balance FLOW running shoe is the feeling of holistic ground contact in the running movement. This promotes forward movement while at the same time strengthening and securing the heel, which prevents lateral wobbling back and forth in the running shoe. The stabilization in the heel area thus also consolidates the knee position and reduces the risk of injury. This makes the run2balance FLOW running shoe suitable for both experienced runners and newcomers. With the run2balance FLOW running shoe, running is simply fun!

  • climate neutral
  • breathable
  • comprehensive shock absorption
  • two-hole lacing
  • insole compatible
  • sizes: 36.0 - 42.0 (available in half sizes)
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