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What does CHUNG SHI mean?

CHUNG SHI is Cantonese and means something like "to develop personally, to grow personally". Behind this is a German brand whose philosophy is based on ancient Asian healing methods. The aim is to transport the Asiatic philosophy of harmony between body, mind and soul into the Western world through our products.

How are ME & Friends AG and the CHUNG SHI brand related?

CHUNG SHI is one of ME & Friends AG's own brands. The company acts as a "House of Brands" and also sells other own and distribution brands from all over the world. With the vision "Walking Together", we have set ourselves the goal of being a loyal and reliable partner for our employees, customers, suppliers and strategic service providers, with the vision of developing together and benefiting from each other.



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How long can I wear CHUNG SHI shoes every day?

The daily wearing time can be measured by your own well-being. Your body knows best what is good for it.

Why do CHUNG SHI shoes sometimes vary in size?

This has to do with the method of production as well as the material properties.

The tried and tested DUFLEX material is initially a granulate which is liquefied with the help of pressure and the resulting heat and is then poured into a tool mould. This mould is, for example, only about 4 cm in size for a shoe size 38 of the final product. It is then opened and the shoe "pops" out due to a swelling process of the material. A last is then placed in the shoe.

The shoe then passes through an approximately 8-metre-long oven. Here the material is slowly cooled down from 80°C to 20°C to ensure dimensional stability.

Depending on the nature of the raw material, the shoe may be slightly larger or smaller. In order to maintain economic efficiency and with a focus on sustainability, a tolerance limit of +/- 5mm was set here. This means that a Duflex product can sometimes be a few millimetres smaller or larger, but also narrower or wider. This is due to the material.
However, this is the only way we can guarantee the consecration, the functionality and the absolute absence of harmful substances!

How do you clean CHUNG SHI shoes?

To remove dirt, wipe the shoes with a slightly damp cloth. If necessary, leather shoes can also be treated with appropriate leather care products. We advise against washing in the washing machine, as the high temperatures and the forces acting during the spin cycle can lead to product damage.

My shoes squeak/creak/crack etc. What to do?

Wash your shoe, especially the outer sole with lukewarm water and a little soap. For clogs, also between the shoe and the heel strap. If necessary, please carry out this cleaning several times to remove the odour.

What is the difference between DUX Clog, DUX Sensi and DUX Bio?

These three, at first glance very similar models differ primarily in the material composition and thus in the degree of softness. If you were to divide the shoes into "butter-soft", "soft" and "soft with more stability", the order would be: DUX Sensi (butter-soft), DUX Clog (soft) and DUX Bio (soft with more stability).

Are CHUNG SHI shoes vegan?

Yes, the entire DUFLEX line as well as the majority of the DUXFREE line, except for the models with leather uppers, are absolutely vegan. The DUFLEX line is also latex-free and absolutely free of harmful substances.

Is it possible to buy spare parts?

We offer the following spare parts:
- Replacement knobs
- Replacement insoles for the Dux Ortho Clog

Not available for purchase are
- Heel strap
- heel cushion
- Inserts for all models except Dux Ortho Clog
- Shoelaces
- Outsole reinforcements

Why are some products not available in large sizes (XXXL and 4XL)?

In our product development and, in the second step, in production, we are always concerned with ensuring a product quality that is satisfactory for us and our customers. When processing certain materials, this desired product quality cannot be guaranteed in large sizes due to the overall height/width.

Are there any insoles made of the Duflex material?

Not at the moment. We are always working on concepts to implement this, but the processing of the Duflex material makes it almost impossible to produce such a precise fit, which is especially necessary for insoles.



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How long do I have a guarantee on CHUNG SHI brand shoes?

2 years. Please report any damage to the product upon delivery directly to the retailer from whom you purchased the shoes, or directly to us if you purchased them from our online shop. Damage caused by improper use cannot be replaced (please refer to the instructions for use attached to the product).

Where can I find a CHUNG SHI dealer near me?

On this website you will find a dealer search under the menu item Dealers, which allows you to search for the nearest CHUNG SHI dealer in your area by postcode.

My bill is negative, what does that mean?

If the invoice has a negative total amount, then this is a credit note. This will be issued if an item that has already been paid for is returned to us within the applicable returns period.

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