And our "Friends"
celebrate with us

Here is a small excerpt from the congratulations:


ME & Friends AG MStolze_650.jpg

Marcus Stolze

Sales Representative New Federal States and Bavaria North

I already knew the CHUNG SHI brand from my past as an employee in orthopaedic shoe technology - this was 15 years ago now - before I decided to act directly for the company. Since then, I have put my heart and soul into it and am a convinced fan of the brand and everything that goes with it!

My all-time favourite product is the Duxfree Berlin, which supports me optimally in my everyday professional life and in my free time.

I wish ME & Friends AG continued success, because in my eyes the company stands for the highest quality and customer satisfaction, and that with the entire team.

Adalbert Schröder

Sales Representative NORTH

I have been working for the company as a sales representative since August 2005. In more than 15 years I have come to know and appreciate ME & Friends AG as a competent and socially committed partner.

From the variety of products, I particularly appreciate the Duflex articles. The high wearing comfort and the resulting foot activity have a super positive effect on my entire body. I have fond memories of participating in "EIn Herz für Kinder" (A Heart for Children), where we were able to be present together as a sales team and present a generous donation.

For the future, I wish us continued successful future-oriented development and the preservation of the positive virtue that has shaped the company so much in the past.

ME & Friends AG ASchroeder_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG NWiesenthal_650.jpg

Nicolas Wiesenthal

former employee

I got to know ME & Friends AG in 2007 when a mutual acquaintance recommended that I apply to Michael Ertl after university.

For the next 20 years, I wish ME & Friends AG to continue to be innovative, to stay close to the customers and to take the employees with them on their journey!

Wolfgang Fritz

Former Export employee

I was very pleased when Michael Ertl invited me in 2004 to work on the further development of the international distribution of CHUNG SHI products. We knew each other from our time together at HEAD/TYROLIA, and I was enthusiastic about the concept of combining Far Eastern, Asian knowledge with Western needs from the very beginning.

After working for ME & Friends, I started teaching various facets of INTERNATIONAL SPORT MARKETING at several universities and colleges in Austria. For this purpose, I have developed a special lecture on the topic: Successful, because extraordinary marketing concepts, in which I show not only the big players, but also the contents of CHUNG SHI as a counterpart and possibilities of a smaller company. I also received a lecture Oscar for this, which I am happy to share with you on the occasion of our 20th anniversary, which in a way closes the circle for me.

I wish you as much fun and success as ever!

ME & Friends AG WFritz_650.jpg


ME & Friends AG SHKrueger_650.jpg

Sanitätshaus Krüger

Anneliese and Philipp Schweizer, Reutlingen

20 years with CHUNG SHI, now we are celebrating like never before.
Michael Ertl and his team can do it even longer.
Quality is important to you, especially when your feet hurt.
Yes, folks, it's not a joke, that's what the DUX is for.
You should also stay healthy yourselves, and not get bogged down in business.
Stay innovative and carry on as usual - skilfully and cheerfully.
(Written as a poem in German)

Max and Moritz Förster

Management Sanitätshaus Förster

We, Sanitätshaus Förster, have been selling CHUNG SHI products for about 15 years. The whole team is enthusiastic about the CHUNG SHI clogs and the various sports shoes. They are a blessing for the feet, especially after a strenuous day. We are absolutely convinced of the quality.

We are very happy to sell and recommend CHUNG SHI products, both for business and private use, and are thrilled with the great products. The clogs are a much sought-after product. Again and again we experience that a customer who buys a CHUNG SHI clog for the first time does not want any other product. The products always impress with their high quality and wearing comfort.

We sincerely congratulate you on your anniversary and are convinced that you will remain true to yourself and your quality. We wish the CHUNG SHI brand many more successful years and look forward to the next 20 years of great cooperation.

ME & Friends AG MMFoerster_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG OSHorstmann_650.jpg

Orthopädieschuhtechnik Horstmann

Karl and Matthias Horstmann, Verden

Congratulations on 20 years of existence. We have been supplying our customers with your products for 15 years. We are always pleased with the good supply we are able to achieve as a result.

The DUX Clog is our all-time favourite. It is perfect for quick relief from heel spurs because it is so nice and soft. We are very pleased that it also takes sustainable environmental aspects into account! The DUX Ortho is also a great shoe. Because the footbed can be removed, we can also combine this shoe wonderfully with insoles and provide our customers with optimal care.

We wish you for the next 20 years that you can continue to implement new innovations for the health market with so much energy and creativity. We are excited!

Orthopädietechnik Siegmann GmbH

Siegmann Gesunde Schuhe, Hameln

Happy 20th Anniversary! We have known CHUNG SHI for 11 years now.

The DUX Clog and the DUX Ortho Clog have been particularly popular with us, as they are also suitable for insoles. There are many memories of CHUNG SHI, especially the interesting and also amusing training courses, whether in Bad Brückenau or directly in Griesbach. Also our activities and advertising for the DUX have always been fun and certainly very successful.

We wish you continued success and good ideas, remain loyal to you and look forward to the next 20 years of "walking on clouds"!

ME & Friends AG OTSiegmann_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG HJSiegers_650.jpg

Hans-Jörg Siegers

Product Manager Purchasing at ANWR Schuh GmbH

Congratulations to Michael Ertl and his team at ME & Friends AG on their 20th anniversary.

I came across the "DUX" product line from CHUNG SHI in 2006. As part of my job as product manager for the comfort and wellness division of the world's leading buying group for shoe retailers, I am always on the lookout for new innovative products. The approach of linking health and inner balance with biomechanical knowledge immediately excited me. We were immediately able to motivate a broad range of retailers and thus lay the foundation for a successful cooperation.

For the next 20 years, I wish the entire team all the innovative drive they need to carry the CHUNG SHI motto "live-learn-plan" into the world as a holistic approach.


ME & Friends AG WWeissmueller_650.jpg

Wolfgang Weißmüller

Managing Director Bavarian Ski Association e.V.

The Bayerischer Skiverband e.V. (Bavarian Ski Association e.V.) congratulates ME & Friends AG on its 20th anniversary. The BSV and ME & Friends AG have been working together for over 10 years. Thus, the BSV is able to offer high-quality products from CHUNG SHI to squad athletes, trainers, members of the teaching staff, officials and instructors.

We are pleased that the cooperation was extended and officially sealed in 2019. Since then, the cooperation has become even closer and more extensive, as we also offer other ME & Friends brands (insoles from Formthotics and watches from Oskron).

We wish ME & Friends much success for the next 20 years and look forward to our continued cooperation!

Walter Vogel

Managing Director of the German Ski Association

I can still remember when Michael Ertl told me after a trip to Asia about his idea to establish a brand for products with a holistic, health approach. So I've known the brand for 20 years! Wow!

I am a fan of the Dux CLogs. They are super comfortable and relieving. I also think the Oskron brand from Me & Friends AG with its smartwatches is smart. The two products are also a hit with the athletes and coaches of the German Ski Association, which ME & Friends AG has been equipping for three years. I have fond memories of a funny ME & Friends Christmas party, where I was allowed to play Father Christmas with oversized DUX shoes...

I wish you continued creative product and business ideas, many happy customers and skiers.

ME & Friends AG WVogel_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG AAichner_650.jpg

Alexander Aichner

Rehabilitation of Austrian elite sport

About 12 years ago I met Michael Ertl with the mutual interest in testing and establishing the AuBioRig line for top Austrian sports in rehab and sensorimotor training.

The work with the athletes and Michael worked wonderfully and considerable success was achieved in both areas! Subsequently, a close cooperation developed and the DUX and Duxfree lines were successfully incorporated in regeneration.

As a next step, we started a study with numerous physiotherapists in which the AuBioRig line was tested for its effect on the treatment of incontinence. After a 6-week therapy phase, significant improvements were achieved!

I will always remember the extremely good cooperation, the friendly relationship and the impressive motivation of the ME & Friends AG staff. For the future, I hope that the extremely good quality in connection with ecological sustainability of the products will continue to be pursued.


ME & Friends AG MPschick_650.jpg

Markus Pschick

Founder and owner of the Pschick Group and Training Academy - Markus Pschick GmbH

It all started because I wanted to follow the trend of clogs, but as always, I was looking for high-quality products for this. I found these products in the DUFLEX products from CHUNG SHI!

So I started to sell the DUFLEX sandals to patients and course participants all over Germany already in 2007. At times I packed my whole car with DUX clogs when I drove to courses, because the demand for the products was enormous.

When Michael Ertl asked me a few years ago if I could imagine working with him to make formthotics medical insoles big in Germany, I didn't hesitate for long after meeting him in person and immediately agreed. Since then, the business relationship has developed into a personal friendship. I can always come to Michael with questions and problems and he is always there to help and advise me. Michael Ertl has become a kind of mentor and some of my management decisions are actually based on his professional expertise.

I wish ME & Friends AG many more successful years!

Dr. med. Maximilian Meichsner

Orthopädie Oberland, SportMedizin Oberland

My warmest congratulations on your great company anniversary! It's unbelievable, we've known each other for over 14 years now! And although time moves on, your products remain timeless!

I still regularly think of and recommend the now classic among the health shoes, the shoes from the DUX series, to my patients with foot complaints. To this day, I always get the best feedback! I particularly like to think back to our various joint projects, especially the studies for certification for the AGR and not least the legendary joint appearance at the congress in Pecs/Hungary.

I sincerely wish Michael Ertl and the whole team all the best, continued kerativity and above all good health!

ME & Friends AG MMeichsner_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG MLaar_650.jpg

Matthias Laar

Dipl. sports scientist at SportWissenschaft Oberland

Congratulations on 20 years of CHUNG SHI! Unbelievable how time flies! I can still remember well when I joined the CHUNG SHI product training team in 2008 as a sports science reinforcement. My very first assignment took me to Japan, which I still remember fondly today.

Many exciting training sessions followed - always with interesting people and innovative products. In cooperation with my orthopaedic colleague Dr. Maximilian Meichsner, I was able to measure and prove that the products are not only innovative but also effective in various case studies and tests. This was the basis for seals of approval such as the AGR e.V..

To this day, I wear various CHUNG SHI shoe models myself. My personal favourites have been from the Duxfree Active series since 2008. First and foremost the Duxfree Trainer for everyday wear. I mostly wear the Duxfree Berlin for strength training. Indoors, I wear the classic DUX Clogs and the Dux Ortho Clog for daily work. For finer occasions, I also have a pair of very comfortable and beautiful Sensomo.

I wish CHUNG SHI and its entire team good health and energy for the challenges of the coming years and decades! Thanks to the always fair, open and appreciative way of working of the whole team, the threads in the network between us are still connected today. Here's to the next 20 years!

Detlef Detjen

Managing Director of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.

From the north of Germany I send congratulations from the whole AGR team on the occasion of the 20th anniversary!

20 years is a long time, and anyone who has successfully kept their company on track over such a long period of time deserves respect for their entrepreneurial achievement. Since 2010, you have had many of your products assessed by medical panels commissioned by us. And these experts attest to the health-promoting effect of the tested CHUNG SHI shoes. We appreciate the extraordinary products and the always good and trustful cooperation with ME & Friends.

All the best and much success for the next 20 years!

ME & Friends AG DDietjen_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG SGeiselbrechtinger_650.jpg

Stefan Geiselbrechtinger


My first contact with Michael Ertl was even before ME & Friends AG was founded: Michael Ertl was co-initiator of training courses for sports retailers in the winter sports sector, which we ran on a company-neutral basis.

Even then, the product and the benefit were in the foreground and not the brand. A short time later we met again and the idea of shoes with an influence on body statics was launched. AuBioRig as a shoe sole system for people with back problems for pain-free walking. An ingenious system that also convinced me as a user. In parallel, the Duflex shoes convinced me as Easy to us clogs that are simply very comfortable. Due to the local proximity of the two companies ME & Friends AG and OPED in Upper Bavaria, we have often had a joint exchange of ideas to share experiences and learn from each other.

For the next 20 years, I wish Michael Ertl and ME & Friends AG many more creative ideas and implementation skills.

Jörg Löhr

Jörg Löhr Akademie

What a beautiful and special occasion! Congratulations on your great 20th anniversary!

It has been over 20 years since we met at one of my seminars - and it makes me a little proud that I have been able to experience and accompany you, dear Alexia and dear Michael, on your extraordinary path to success over the years. I look back fondly on the numerous meetings and the ever-present exchange with you - such as our last encounter during my training on Mallorca.

I sincerely wish you continued success in all your endeavours and am already looking forward to the day when our paths cross again.

ME & Friends AG JLoehr_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG BHuber_650.jpg

Bernd Huber

Economic Advisory Council Pfaffenhofen

20 years of ME & Friends AG - a proud company anniversary! In today's fast-moving economy, 20 years is proof of entrepreneurial foresight, creativity, financial competence and - in line with many customers - the joint translation of unique products and brands.

From the very beginning, with the opening of the company in 2011, I was able to witness the first steps and activities. And together with my wife, I was able to take part in your unforgettable wedding celebration; this is also part of ME & Friends and its further path to success!

For the next 20 years, I wish you continued good health - because that is the only way to run a company successfully and innovatively - and I wish you the happiness of glittering very often. All the best for the future!


ME & Friends AG AZaugg_650.jpg

Andy Zaugg

Former ME & Friends AG distribution partner for Switzerland

I had the pleasure of getting to know Michael Ertl and ME & Friends AG back in 2008. At that time, we took over the distribution of the CHUNG SHI brand in Switzerland.

The products were particularly well received by orthopaedic and medical supply retailers. The DUFLEX shoes were a great addition for doctors' surgeries, hospitals and of course as everyday shoes for everyone. I particularly remember a dealer event organised by ME & Friends AG, where we were able to take part in training sessions and get to know the brand and the company even better.

I wish you continued success and that you keep your enthusiasm for your great products!

Ralf Lienammer

Distribution Schweiz

Since I came into contact with CUNG SHI in 2021, I have practically only worn these shoes!

I'm particularly fond of the Berlin... Light, fashionable and super comfortable! In the evening, I can hardly feel that I've been on my feet all day. And I wear the Dux navy in the office and at home. It really puts a smile on my face every time. It makes me imagine what it would be like to walk on clouds. I am already looking forward to many more such great shoes!

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary from Switzerland!

ME & Friends AG RLienammer_650.jpg
ME & Friends AG KettlerUSA_650.jpg

Kettler USA

Distribution USA

KETTLER sends many warm greetings and congratulations to ME & Friends AG on their 20th anniversary in business. We appreciate your professionalism, the fond memories and the support you have given us over the years.

May the next twenty plus years be filled with many successes and achievements.

Christine Stranne

Distribution Spain

On a trip to London in 2007, I visited Harrods and came across some revolutionary new shoes with an angled sole. I tried them on and immediately fell in love with them.

Back in Spain in my shoe shop, I really wanted to sell these shoes. So I contacted the managing director Michael Ertl, who invited me and my husband to come to Holzkirchen and see all the shoes that Me & Friends AG produces. We were welcomed with open arms and immediately felt that this could be the beginning of a great collaboration and friendship. And that is how it has been ever since.

For 13 years now, I have been distributing both AuBioRig and specifically the Dux and Duxfree models in Spain. The classic Dux is unbeatable! The softness and the ability to adapt to the shape of the foot make it a unique product that is appreciated by all my customers and myself. I even still have my first pair of Dux, which I got 12 years ago and still wear every day. The Duxfree models are more of my favourites! Their comfort, lightness and softness make them fantastic and ideal for all kinds of use, from walking on the beach in Malaga or on hard tarmac in the city of Seville to flying in the treetops on a zipline on holiday in Costa Rica. I wear them everywhere!

Congratulations on 20 fantastic years in the development of cutting-edge footwear! I hope and trust that Me & Friends AG will continue to develop great shoes for health and comfort, and I look forward to working with the Me & Friends AG family for many years to come.

ME & Friends AG CStranne_650.jpg
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