Social Commitment
in various areas

Strengthening the body's own well-being is the central vision of the CHUNG SHI brand. We want to give this feeling of well-being not only to the wearers with our products, but also to the people we work for - our customers - and who work for us - our employees and suppliers.

We see this in the area of social responsibility for the CHUNG SHI brand:

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Donations and support for social institutions and local associations are a matter close to the hearts of the managing directors, Michael and Alexia Ertl.

It all began in 2008 with a donation to "Ein Herz für Kinder e.V.".


We also see the effort to be free of harmful substances as an important part of our social commitment.

The criterion of being free of harmful substances also applies to most of our materials. Many are also latex-free and vegan.

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We are committed to our employees with a comprehensive offer for training and further education.

For more than 10 years, we have been a training company in the areas of wholesale and retail as well as warehousing/logistics.

In addition, we support our employees in their further education with dual courses of study.


We may be active worldwide, but we feel connected to our home market of Germany. This has been the case for the last 20 years, and it will remain so.

That is why our company headquarters and product development have been located in Germany from the very beginning.

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Social responsibility does not stop at the gates of the producing partner companies.

Our production sites are regularly inspected by the managing director, Michael Ertl himself, with regard to compliance with social and fair working conditions.


Written rules of conduct (Code of Conduct) guide us in our business dealings.

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In recent years, we have increasingly integrated the topic of sustainability in the area of product development as well as in the transport of goods.

This includes the use of environmentally friendly materials such as bio-based plastics or recycled leather. Traceable supply chains and a conscious focus on environmentally friendly transport routes with corresponding CO2 taxes are further contributions to protecting our environment.


The possibilities for social engagement are manifold!
Therefore, we would also like to make a positive contribution to society and our environment with many different topics.
our environment.


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