A glance back
ME & Friends AG Z&F_2001.jpg

Foundation of ME & Friends AG by Michael Ertl and Matthias Graf von Krockow.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2002.jpg

Introduction of the world novelty "heart rate monitor without chest strap", Body Coach

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2003.jpg

ISPO "Outdoor Award", Category Shoes

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2004.jpg

Presentation of a medical study from Seoul, Korea on the positive effects of AuBioMo shoes

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2005.jpg

Move from private home (20 sqm office and 60 sqm warehouse) to an office and warehouse building in Holzkirchen (500 sqm office and 2,000 sqm warehouse),
Presentation of a medical study from Calgary on the positive effects of AuBioRig shoes.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2006.jpg

Introduction of the Duflex shoe line,
Expansion of the warehouse by Warehouse II (2,000 sqm),
Opening of the CHUNG SHI warehouse outlet.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2007.jpg

Introduction of the "Dux Kids" shoe line

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2008.jpg

Introduction of the "Duxfree" shoe line
Donation of €100,000 to "A Heart for Children".

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2009.jpg

Distribution also via Amazon,
Introduction of the "Anti Step" shoe line,
Takeover of distribution of Formthotics insoles New Zealand for Germany,
Takeover of distribution of Earth shoes USA for D/AT/CH.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2010.jpg

Introduction of the shoe lines "Duflex Beach", "Duflex City" and "Duflex Walker",
Certification of the shoe lines "AuBioRiG" and "Anti Step" by the association "Aktion Gesunder Rücken" as "tested & recommended",
First retailer event in Bad Brückenau.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2011.jpg

Launch of the shoe lines "Wooccoli" and "Duflex Exclusiv",
Launch of the shoe line "Earthies" (Earth Shoes USA) in Germany,
Takeover of the distribution of the BloodyBay brand (thong sandal) for Germany,
10-year company anniversary,
HSE First TV presentation.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2014.jpg

Introduction of SENSOMO line, DUX Winter, DUX Ortho, DUX Bio, DUX Sensi,
First decoration package for our trade partners.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2015.jpg

Several Duflex products receive the PlusXAward for ergonomics and ecology,
Certification of the leisure clogs DUX, variants: Clog, Bio, Sensi, Ortho, Ortho Clog, Winter, Premium, Kids, as well as Duxfree Trainer by the association "Aktion Gesunder Rücken" as "tested & recommended".

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2016.jpg

10 years of Duflex,
15 years of CHUNG SHI,

INQA Federal Ministry of Education and Research audit: "Zukunftsfähiges Unternehmen" (sustainable company)

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2017.jpg

Introduction of the Duxfree "Berlin" models,
New double-injection technology in production enables the use of two different materials in one shoe, without any gluing in the DUX Future,
Takeover of the distribution of Podowell dressing shoes France for Germany and Austria,
Harmlessness Certification by the Hermes Hansecontrol Institute for the Duflex product line

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2018.jpg confirms: 92% of midwives recommend the Dux Clog,
Introduction of the own brand "Heybrid",
2 million pairs of DUX sold.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2019.jpg

Expansion of the production sites.
Introduction of the "Duflerino" product line,
New edition of the DUX Beach line and expansion to include DUX Beach Plus,
Cooperation with HAM (University of Applied Management) for staff development,
CHUNG SHI becomes the official supplier of the German Alpine Skiing and Ski Cross National Team - Regenerative Footwear.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2020.jpg

ME & Friends AG supports the retail trade with the "Together we are strong" campaign,
Introduction of the All Weather Duxfree line with "Toronto" and "Vancouver",
Introduction of the sustainable models "Canberra", "Brisbane" and "Bendigo" made of recycled leather,
The Zori becomes even softer: Introduction of the "Zori Sensi" models.

ME & Friends AG Z&F_2021.jpg

15 years of Duflex,
20 years of CHUNG SHI,
20 years of ME & Friends AG,

Award for climate-neutral company,
Award for climate-neutral products.

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