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"The success of an idea always depends on the people you share it with."

- Michael Ertl -

Without a strong team, ME & Friends AG would not be where it is today. We are grateful for every single member of our company. Every day they enrich our work with their individual, strong personalities, which we do not want to deprive our customers of.

Michael Ertl

CEO and Founder

Michael founded ME & Friends AG in 2001 and since then has strived every day to develop products of the highest quality in order to act as a problem solver for his customers. He also cares about the common good, which he wants to promote by creating a safe and satisfying environment for all his employees, trade partners, suppliers and shareholders.

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Alexia Ertl

 CFO und Board of Directors

Alexia is the good soul of the house and the woman on the management level of ME & Friends AG. She ensures that sufficient resources (finance and purchasing) are available for Michael's bubbling ideas. Excursions into the marketing department give her the creative balance to the structured facets of financial accounting and ensure appealing informative advertising campaigns.

Markus Köppen

Sales Representative South Bavaria

Markus has been part of Me & Friends AG for many years. Thanks to his many years of experience in customer service, he is highly valued by our customers and knows the products from all sides. He now demonstrates his expertise and customer competence on a daily basis in direct on-site exchanges when he is on the road as a sales representative in the Bavarian region.

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Marcus Stolze

Sales Representative New Federal States, Northern Bavaria and Germany in the Therapy Sector

Marcus already knows the CHUNG SHI brand from his past as an orthopaedic shoe technician before he decided to work directly for ME & Friends AG almost 15 years ago. Thanks to his expertise in sales and his experience in orthopaedic shoe technology, he is a reliable, competent, open and welcome representative of our company in his sales area.

Adalbert Schröder

Sales Representative North and NRW

Addi has been part of the Me & Friends AG team as an independent sales representative since August 2005. For more than 15 years, we have come to know and appreciate him as a competent, honest, determined and successful partner who always presents our products to customers on site with complete conviction.

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Gudio Heck

Sales Representative BAWÜ and HRP

Gudio has already been active in sales for many years and has been an integral part of our sales team since 2019. Through his experience in sports and retail, he convinces with foresight, perspective and competence. Gudio looks after the Baden Württemberg area as well as Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Wolfgang Braun

Sales Representative Export

Wolfgang already looks back on decades of professional experience as an export manager for major shoe and textile brands. He attaches great importance to long-term customer relationships and is committed to this with all his knowledge and drive. Wolfgang is in charge of our export partners and thus drives the distribution of CHUNG SHI products around the globe.

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Thomas Arndt

Supply Chain & Logistics

Thomas has been part of the ME & Friends AG team for many years and is responsible for the entire logistics sector of the company. He is responsible for goods receiving, warehouse logistics and sales logistics with all its facets. As a helpful, competent and reliable employee, he plays a key role in the company's ability to act.

Maximilian Blens

Financial accounting

Maximilian also completed his training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant with us and has since then focused on financial accounting. Not only does he master the daily payment transactions internally in an exemplary manner, but he is also always available to our customers as a competent contact person for any accounting questions. Maximilian has also tackled further education and is currently studying part-time with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration as his goal.

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Julian Arndt

Sales & Marketing

Julian has already completed an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development. After his apprenticeship and a few years of work experience in this job, he decided to take on further professional challenges and found this opportunity at ME & Friends AG. Julian's main focus is on sales and marketing and he also occasionally lends a hand in logistics. Due to his all-rounder function he plays an important role for several departments and is always available for support.

Lisa Ertl

Sales & Marketing

Lisa's area of responsibility ranges from marketing to the support of the websites and online shop to the company's social media presence. In addition to looking after the sales representatives and distribution partners, she is also responsible for marketing the broad product range of ME & Friends AG. Lisa has already completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Controlling and is aiming to complete her Master of Arts degree with a focus on Social Media & Online Marketing this year.

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Roswitha Schindler


Roswitha has been part of the ME & Friends AG team since our headquarters were established in Holzkirchen and it is hard to imagine the company without her. In warehouse logistics, she always has an overview of all the product storage bins and takes great care every day to ensure that the ordered goods are shipped to our customers as quickly as possible.

Tobias Frank


Tobias started his training as a freight forwarder for warehouse logistics with us in 2020 and in the course of this became familiar with all areas of logistics. He successfully completed his training at the beginning of 2023 and is now an integral part of our logistics team.

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Lisa Stetter


Lisa has started her apprenticeship as a management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade management in September 2021 and will go through all areas of ME & Friends AG during her apprenticeship and get to know them better. Her initial focus will be on sales. Here she is always ready to help our customers and partners via email, phone or personally on site.

Lukas Krautschick


Lukas started his training as a warehouse logistics specialist with us in September 2021 and is learning the logistical processes from A to Z. As an energetic and committed employee, our team would be unthinkable without him. 

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ME & Friends AG Neutral-M_768.jpg

Lukas Weiß


Lukas started his training as a warehouse logistics specialist with us in September 2022 and is learning the logistics processes from A to Z as well as the overall interrelationships in the entire company. He has integrated into the team from day one and is very much appreciated by everyone.

If you would like to become part of our team, please send us your application by email to or by post to the following address.

ME & Friends AG
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83607 Holzkirchen

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